Ryan shares remarkable recovery story in Norwich

Ryan Hofman, whose “exhilarating story of hope and recovery from a wild life-style’’ has been featured in the local press, was guest speaker at a Norwich FGB dinner evening on Thursday, March 15.

Ryan (pictured above), is described as “a down-to-earth speaker with a frank and surprising story of recovery against the odds”.  

Born in Australia, his Christian family home was located near a beach – and in his teens, Ryan he was drawn into the ‘surfing culture’, eventually losing himself in drugs, alcohol, partying to the point of ‘utter hopelessness’.

He and his drinking friends would joke about who would be the first to receive a liver transplant. Later, on a visit to Canada, he had ‘a wake-up call’ at his lowest point after being dragged through frozen streets, too drunk to walk.

Surprisingly, it was at this critical period that Ryan was ‘led to faith in the living Jesus.’  Today, he is a new man – he works in the UK as a chartered surveyor, and is a husband and father. He also says he has been 'revolutionised' by his faith and has ‘a heart to see hope restored to those who are in a lost generation and who feel there is no way back.’

Published: 24/02/2018